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During October 2, 3 & 4, anyone interested here to go for an trip(in bike) within Tamilnadu? please let us know your opinion

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Hi all, Anyone interested for a road trip around end of September?

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Rajkumar Sundar

I am planning a bike trip to Dhanushkodi this weekend. Plan to leave Chennai on 23 Jan, return on 26 Jan

Venkatesh Kumar

During Oct 2, 3 & 4 i am available, shall we plan for an trip(in bike) around Tamilnadu. Others please let us know your opinion

Any activities in chennai?? Probably after the lockdown..??

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Hi Folks would any one be interested for a kanyakumari to kashmir or leh road trip in February or march 2020 ????

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Sunil Prabha

Hi Hafeez, is it already happened or yet to happen? i am in.


Hi Hafeez, Please feel free to join our Bangalore whatsapp group where you can engage with our community members and be the first to know about our upcoming roadtrips! Leh is certainly on our list :)

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