Your plans for the next 5 weekends!

Your plans for the next 5 weekends!

Your plans for the next 5 weekends!

theRoadTripsCo | 11/04/2019

The enigmatic place, Mumbai, is difficult to leave behind. And so are the beautiful places around it. Yet even the most hardcore Mumbaikar could not do a day or so away from Mumbai, not doing justice to the mesmerizing places around.

Here’s a guide to 5 places for a day trip near Mumbai , that will make you feel refreshed, thrilled, and happy. 

Elephanta Islands

Distance – 25 KM

You need to take a ferry from the Gateway to reach there (which is a great way to start the trip). At the island, you’ll spend half the day touring the many caves. The caves is famous for its visually appealing rock formations, beautiful statues of Indian Gods and Lord Buddha and interesting carvings. You’ll see a statue of Mehsamurthi with three heads, made entirely of rock, one of the most noteworthy site at the Elephanta Islands. 


Distance- 95 KM

A scenic ferry ride from the gateway reaches to the beautiful beach town, Alibaug. The famous sites of alibuag include 300-year-old Kolaba Fort, a historic military fortress built by the Maratha kings. he Revdanda Fort, built by the Portuguese in the 1500s, and located just 20 minutes south of the city, is another must-see for the beach-loving history enthusiast. 

P.S. The famous old fish market, indulge in fresh freshly caught delicately spiced shrimp, is a major attraction for fish lovers. 


Distance – 61 KM

If you are looking to just get away from the city to enjoy nature at its best, we would suggest that your next trip is to Karjat. Karjat can be enjoyed with its various adventure sports and many trekking trails. In Karjat, you’ll also find plenty of farmhouses that are available for rent. These are equipped with comfortable amenities and some of them even have swimming pools and big gardens. 

Sula Vineyards

Distance : 170 KM

A great place for Wine enthusiasts, you can spend your day tasting wines. Restaurants around the vineyard offer a choice of cuisines, but Little Italy offers Italian dishes paired with Sula wines that are worth experiencing. There are plenty of open spaces nearby should you like to picnic near the vineyard.


Distance : 45 KM

Not too far from Mumbai, Karnala offers you some awesome outdoor experiences. You can go bird watching at the beautiful sanctuary or choose to go trekking at the Karnala Fort. Along with some delightful melodies of birds singing, you can even spot a few migratory birds that are often rarely seen in Mumbai. 

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