Weekend getaways from Chennai

Weekend getaways from Chennai

Weekend getaways from Chennai

theRoadTripsCo | 28/03/2019

Here’s what you should do when in Chennai

Are you tired of your busy work schedule? Or you’re just visiting Chennai and want to explore more. Well, there’s a lot you can do.

Far from the Chennai’s sweltering heat and roaring traffic, these places offer a peaceful environment, close to nature.


It is one of the most important, most visited and richest pilgrimage sites in India. Dedicated to Lord Venkatesawara, it is a form of the Hindu god Vishnu, is located on the Tirumala Hill. TDD garden is one of the spot that you should not miss while visiting this place. It has got tons of historic monuments to visit.


It is probably one of the most prominent landmarks around the city. A perfect blend of rich cultural heritage reminiscent of the ancient Dravidian civilization and its picturesque scenery.


This place is known for its religious importance bestowed upon this city by the great Telugu poet Tikkana Somayaji. Sightseeing and bird watching are the prominent activities enjoyed by tourists here.

Nandi Hills

It is an ancient hill fortress, which served numerous dynasties in the yesteryears. Cycling and trekking are celebrated activities as visitors love exploring through the depths and landscapes of these hills. The attractions are hoganandeeswara Temple, Tipu’s Drop, Tipu’s Summer Palace and Fort, Brahmashram and Hoskote Lake.


Located in Salem, it is a well-known place for its coffee plantations and orange groves. Silk Farm and Rose Garden, Deer Park, Kottachedu Teak Forest and Anna Park to name a few, are the nearby attractions. A lot of wildlife also has been spotted.

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