Top 5 places you must visit in Bhandardara

Top 5 places you must visit in Bhandardara

theRoadTripsCo | 11/04/2019

Bhandardara is a hill station (3000 ft), a great destination for a weekend getaway.

It is around 180 Kms from Mumbai & Pune, 80 Kms from Nashik. Known for its waterfalls (June-Oct), it’s a base point for many treks.

Here are the top tourists spots one must cover in Bhandardara :

Arthur Lake & Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam is placed at about 150 meters above sea level and it is the largest dam made of earth. There is lake called Arthur lake on the hill which is fed by the waters from the Wilson Dam. During the south west monsoon the level of the Arthur lake rises as the dam gates are opened to release the flood waters. 

Umbrella Falls

The falls are a result of the monsoon in the area and the water is used for Hydro electric power generation. The beauty of this place is best showcased during monsoon season.

Harishchandragad Trek

The famous Shiva Linga at the temple of the Fort is a structural beauty. The Shiva linga is generally surrounded by water which makes it challenging to reach there. The route is tough but scenic beauty is awesome.

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