Road trips with the family!

Road trips with the family!

Road trips with the family!

theRoadTripsCo | 17/05/2019

We here at RTC love road trips. But do you know what’s even better than road trips? Road trips with your family! Family vacations are a really great way to reconnect with your loved ones, away from the routines of daily life.

Family love

We as Indians have a deep connection with our families. We connect with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a variety of other relations. That’s just how we are and we love it! So, of course, a vacation with family is always a wonderful idea because it allows us to spend even more time with the people we love.

Normally, everyone is caught up in their own personal lives, and probably are unable to bond as much as they would like to. A family vacation allows them to unwind, relax, chat, and just generally have a lot of fun. Imagine catching up with your cousins or your favorite aunt, in a tranquil atmosphere. Isn’t that just bliss? This is one instance where the phrase ‘the more, the merrier!’ is definitely relevant.

Why road trips

Road trips are all about comfort and a great deal of customization. That’s why a road trip is, in our opinion, an ideal way to travel with family. Road trips provide a high level of personalization which can accommodate the needs of different family members as per their needs. It works across age groups, too, as everyone will be looking out for each other.

If you want to stop at a pretty waterfall, or go see a wildlife sanctuary, imagine how easy it would be to do that on a road trip. If you were traveling by train or flight, well, those aren’t going to stop for you! And buses will only stop at their designated halt spots. Your own vehicle allows you to do whatever it is that your family wants to do. Doesn’t that make your vacation so much better? Tell us in the comments below if you’ve experienced something like this. Something where being on a road trip led to your family having even more fun!


Once you’ve decide that you want to have a road trip with your family, it’s time to plan! We all have family whatsapp groups, which are a great way to check everyone’s availability and decide on dates that are comfortable for all. Once that’s decided, you can start planning the trip, with inputs from everyone. This adds a whole different level of personalization because everyone’s wishes are considered. Kids and teens will especially appreciate these options as they’ll feel more included in the planning.

Speaking of kids and teens, another way to make them feel like they are also doing grown-up things, is to put them in charge of things like music or entertainment. They will love the opportunity to showcase their talents and interests. They can create a nice playlist of songs for the journey that will be enjoyed by all.

Another thing some families do is hire a driver. This helps if they feel like they don’t want to drive all the way, but enjoy having the luxury of getting to their destination in their own vehicle. If you don’t love driving long distances, then this is a good option for you.
Maybe you can even turn road trips with family into an annual trip and create a tradition. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to look forward to every year?

Creating memories

Family road trips are full of impromptu surprises and fun moments. You are creating memories you will cherish for a lifetime. We live in an age where camera phones allow you to capture any moment of life. Whenever you look back at those pictures, you will definitely remember all the fun times you had, off camera. A picture does speak a thousand words, and they’ll always remind you of a wonderful holiday.

While vacations and road trips are surely a great way to relax and discover new places, they are also so much more. They allow you to bond with your family. To create fond recollections. To rediscover yourself. To have insightful conversations. And to feel like a carefree child again, in the contented cocoon of familial love. Being able to spend more time with family provides a different sense of peace and calm, and beautiful feelings to hold on to.

We hope you also feel the same warmth and love that we felt while thinking about road trips with family. Have you been on road trips with your family? Was it even more amazing than you expected? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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