Must visit - Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra.

Must visit - Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra.

Must visit - Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra.

theRoadTripsCo | 28/03/2019

Maharashtra is a land of a variety of Flora and Fauna.

It is also a home to various endangered species of both. So, I have decided to list the most famous wildlife sanctuaries of Maharashtra that one must visit.

So, carry a pair of binoculars, a wide brimmed hat, sun screen and mosquito repellent to stay safe and secure, and let’s get going to see these amazing sanctuaries. 

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctury

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctury located between Bhandara district and Gondia district of Maharashtra is simply a boon to wild life lovers. It is a home to more than 100 species of birds and amphibians. Nagzira is the catchment of many lakes including Nagzire, Malutola, Bodbadya and many others which not only provide water for agriculture but are used for fishing as well.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

It is a protected area for the Great Indian Bustard, the drought prone and semi arid region of the sanctuary is home to many species of birds including Indian bushlark,Great Indian bustard, Grey francolin and White eyed buzzard.

Kalasubai Harischandragad Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you’re visiting the Kalsubai peak in Bhandardara, it is a must visit place. This sanctuary houses many mammals such as jungle cat, mongoose, hyena, wolf, wild boar, sambar, hare along with porcupine, fan throated lizard, turtles, and a couple of water birds such as herons, egrets, water hens, black ibis and more. 

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is spread over 131 kms within the Sahyadri Ranges and is a home to the Indian giant squirrel. Sanctuary also shelters Grey Jungle Fowl, Hyena, Langur, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, and Leopards. 

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

It is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Maharashtra, and a must visit for Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, nilgai, striped hyena, jungle cats, chausingha, Marsh crocodile –an endangered species, star tortoise, Indian python, cobras along with a variety of birds, butterflies and insects. 

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