Best weekend getaways near Hyderabad

Best weekend getaways near Hyderabad

Best weekend getaways near Hyderabad

theRoadTripsCo | 11/04/2019

The best way to relax after a hectic week is to go for a one day trip near the city. Luckily Hyderabad has a lot of such places to offer. 

Here are some places you can explore : 

Osman Sagar Lake 

It is an artificial lake which provides drinking water to Hyderabad. It is a beautiful spot tp spend a day relaxing and enjoying he greenery around. As the water is used for drinking, no boating is done on this lake.

Sri Rama Chandra Temple 

This temple is famous for its film shootings. This 13th-century temple has a large 7 storey tower with an idol of Lord Vishnu in sleeping position at the gateway of this tower. 

For Tollywood movie fans, this temple in Ammapalli is a huge hit, as it has featured in many movies. 

Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort promises adventure and fun and is a popular weekend getaway from Hyderabad. There is a moat encircling the fort, trap doors, armoury and a huge underground chamber, believed to lead to Golconda Fort, 50 km away.


The chief deity of the temple is Narsimha Swamy, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This cave temple is built 300 feet high on a large hillock. There is a mythological story associated with the temple, according to which Lord Narsimha took five avatars, which can still be seen in the sculpted idols inside the temple.

Domakonda Fort

Domakonda was a princely region under Qutb Shahis and Asaf Jahis. The Reddy rulers of Domakonda built the fort in the 18 century at a sight where a fort existed earlier. There are two palaces and a temple complex inside the fort along with a lotus pond. The ground floor of the palace consists of arched pillars with intricate artwork

Molangur Fort (Near Karimnagar) 

The Molangur fort was constructed on a hillock by Voragiri Moggaraju, one of the chief officers of Prathapa Rudra of Kakatiya dynasty. It was constructed as a transit halt for Kakatiyas while travelling from Warangal fort to Elgandal Fort in Karimnagar.

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