A day in Lonavala!

A day in Lonavala!

A day in Lonavala!

theRoadTripsCo | 11/04/2019

What do you do when you spent a lousy Saturday, wake up Sunday morning and regret wasting your weekend?

Well, don’t worry..pack your bag and drive off to Lonavala!

Here’s a list of few lesser known places you can cover in 1 day!

Manashakti Kendra

Famous for its Kande pohe and Bataka vada, top off your breakfast by kadak adrak chai or coffee. (FYI, the red chutney is lip smacking amazing!)

Lonavala Lake

Enjoy the morning sun on the beautiful Lonavala Lake. Its an amazing spot to take pictures in the natural sunlight. Oh and don’t miss eating chikki from the famous Maganlal Chikki shop.

Karla Caves

History lovers can visit the famous Karla Caves. One of the oldest rock-cut Buddhist caves in India, after reaching the entrance of the caves, you will surely be mesmerized by its beauty.

Admire the nature’s vastness at Ryewood Park

Spend the evening in the Ryewood park, extensive celebration of nature at its best. It’s sprawling with various varieties of floras which offer a beautiful place to sit and relax. It’s a must visit place for kids who would love the scenic beauty of this this which was once a botanical garden and later was planned on to be a spectacular park.

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